About the Author


My name is Wild Bill Ward. I’m the Founder, Chairman, and former CEO of a data company called BuildFax (http://www.buildfax.com/). We’ve aggregated and standardized all the building department data in the United States. We sell that data to property insurance companies, mortgage lenders, hedge funds, investment banks, realtors, appraisers, home inspectors, and building product manufacturers.

My dad’s family came from Raleigh, North Carolina, so I was born and raised there. My mom’s people hailed from Mt. Pleasant, Texas. My great-great- grandfather, William Pinckney McLean, rode on horseback from Mt. Pleasant to Chapel Hill, North Carolina to study law in the 1850s. He returned to Texas, and eventually became a judge in Ft. Worth. He’s largely credited with re-writing the Texas Constitution in the 1870s. The same Constitution still in use today. His son, Wild Bill McLean, grew up to be a flamboyant trial attorney in Ft. Worth. Wild Bill McLean graduated from the University of Texas, both undergrad and law, and also quarterbacked the first Longhorn football team way back in 1893. They went 4-0, defeating the City of Dallas and the City of San Antonio, twice each. I also attended the University of Texas.

I’ve always been a businessman, but I also enjoyed writing in all its many forms. I wrote a few rock & roll records in the 1970s. In 1980, while living in El Paso, Texas I met a lady named Kitty Bradley, a war correspondent and screenwriter before she married General Omar Bradley, who retired at Fort Bliss. Yeah, I agree, that’s an odd name for an Army base. Miss Kitty taught me how to write screenplays, and mentored me through my first script entitled, Faulkner, about the Mississippi writer. A couple of A list actors were interested in playing Faulkner, but we couldn’t find funding for the film.

I spend my free time hanging out in Austin, Texas, with my wife, Susan Lee Ward, my four children, Holly, Christian, Cayce, and Austen, and my four grandsons, Eli, Owen, Levi, and Henry. I also have a little bit of spare time left over to write. That’s the only currency we have at the end of the day, our time and our effort. My screenplay, called A Different Drummer, about Henry David Thoreau and his transcendental love triangle relationship with Ralph Waldo Emerson, and his wife Lidian Emerson, won a screenwriting award, but is as of yet unproduced. Then there’s the Pair O’ Dice Trilogy of novels: a coming of age story that takes place down in Texas during 1967’s Summer of Love entitled, The Gates of Pair O’ Dice, an apocalyptic environmental disaster tale set in 2020 called, Pair O’ Dice Lost, and my vision of our utopian and/or dystopian future set in 2030, which I’ve christened, Pair O’ Dice Found.

Thank you for taking the time to read our family story. I hope you found some healing in our words, and enjoyed your journey to the lovely little beach burg of Pair O’ Dice, Texas for 1967’s Summer of Love.