Pair O’ Dice Found

John Milton wrote Paradise Lost in an ornate style peppered with some pretty nifty rhetorical flourishes, but in the sequel, Paradise Regained, he opted for a much simpler, almost plain style, somewhat like the lifestyle of the poem’s protagonist, Jesus Christ. By the time Milton “wrote” both of those epic poems his world was completely dark, for he had long since lost his eyesight, so he dictated the words to an amanuensis.

The gist of the Paradise Regained plot being that Jesus gets Baptized, by John the Baptist no less, then wanders in the desert for forty days and forty nights where he faces at least three temptations from Satan his own by God self: one, turning stones into bread to feed his hunger, two, power over all the peoples of the earth to feed his ego, and three, throwing himself off the top of the temple so his angels can catch him, sort of a, if you’re so cool let’s see if you can fly deal, but Jesus was fed up with Satan’s whole routine see, so he turns him down flat, flatter than a corn tortilla and road kill armadillo. The suggestion to the reader is, that if we were to acquire our own pair of huarache sandals, aka Jerusalem cruisers, and walk a mile in Jesus’ footsteps without giving in to temptation, then we too could enter the Kingdom of Heaven when we die.

Personally, I don’t believe Heaven waits for us up in the sky, or that Hell lurks down below our feet. Both are here on the face of the earth, and inside each of us now. As we live our many lives, we exercise our free will to make choices, individually and collectively, and the soul records those decisions. As we make progress from lifetime to lifetime, we gradually free ourselves from our karmic prisons and the need to reincarnate again and again, thus dropping our physical bodies, and becoming a loving part of the Oneness in spirit form.

As Jessup says in The Gates of Pair O’ Dice, “That’s some pretty heavy shit for six o’clock in the morning, huh?”

So what’s our future look like, utopian or dystopian, Heaven or Hell? I like to think of it more like H&H Carwash on Yandell Drive in El Paso, Texas, where you can eat some of the best tacos to be found on planet earth, while you get your car washed too, all at the same time. What we have here is a conjunction problem, not or, more like, and. Pair O’ Dice Found answers the big kahuna whole enchilada question — – will our future be utopian or dystopian, Heaven or Hell — with a bigger than Texas badass…hell yeah!

Welcome to Pair O’ Dice, Texas

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