We’d like to get some feedback from all of you before we develop our merchandise. Please share your honest thoughts about the following ideas, and give us some of your own.

How about a real deal Audio Book, an autographed boxed set of CDs featuring multiple voice actors and all sorts of whiz bang sound effects? Because the Summer of Love occurred in 1967, our notion was that if we could get 1,967 smart, good looking, strong-minded human beings to pony up $19.67 a piece, then we’d have enough moolah to crank out a first rate audio book.

We’re not asking for a commitment to purchase at this point. Just let us know if you’d be interested in such an audio book by giving us your email address (which we’ll protect with our lives, and never sell to any other marketer, ever). _____________________________________

We’d also like to offer some T-shirts, ball caps, bookmarks, bumper snickers, shot glasses, beer mugs, and assorted other Pair O’ Dice merch featuring the best one liners from our story. Please check your favorite zingers.


Wild Bill Ward